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Testimonials from TM Centers Around the World

"I am writing to tell you of my experience with TM and how the Gilbert Slomowitz Foundation has helped to change not only my life, but the lives of my children. I initially contacted the foundation in order to seek assistance in funding a TM class for my children and myself. We were in crisis as a family. We have been experiencing many stress related relationship problems as well as becoming disconnected from each other and ourselves due to stresses from everyday life. Being a single working mom of three is tough enough in today's world, but my children and I are all prone to a biological tendency towards anxiety. son... was experiencing severe anxiety over schoolwork, and his teachers. He was shutting down...He has a sensory processing disorder that causes him great difficulty and has had increased asthma symptoms. His phobias were increasing and he was unable to function if he thought a spider was in his room. He was having trouble sleeping, had constant worry about death and disease, and was becoming increasingly withdrawn and depressed. His grades were suffering and I was struggling to find a way to help him.

Stress from my job and the responsibilities of being a single parent were resulting in my increased anger and inability to handle frustrations. Since my divorce, move and relocation, life was increasingly busy and stressful. My older daughter was pulling away emotionally, and struggling with depression... My youngest child was beginning to withdraw and read in her room.

In short, we were really becoming dysfunctional, and did not have the skills to cope with the stressors of our lives. A friend told me how he had learned the technique and that lead to my researching TM and to finding your organization and asking for help. My children, at first thought that the suggestion was "crazy". We went to the introductory classes, and with the Foundation's help were able to take the TM training.

We have since completed the training course and are seeing benefits on a daily basis. To say our lives have been impacted is an understatement. Quiet time together has helped us to bond. Meditation has reduced our stress and has promoted many benefits in our lives, for each of us, including these specific examples...
  • ~ within 2 days of learning the meditation, my son, who has a phobia of spiders, spotted a spider in the house and calmly walked over to it, squashed it with a piece of paper and tossed it in the trash!

  • ~His self esteem has never been so good, and he sees meditation as his tool for managing the stress and fears that he feels.

  • ~He has not had 1 asthma attack since practicing TM!

  • ~Relationships with siblings is significantly better, very little bickering or lashing out in anger

  • My oldest daughter...recognizes when she feels "off" and takes time to slow down and meditate

  • As for me, my meditation journey has connected me spiritually in a way that I find hard to articulate. ...Several months of practice has centered and grounded me in a way that I have never felt before. I feel whole and present and available to my children in a way I don't know I ever was... To say that I am grateful would be an understatement. We have a tool to deal with life in a way that makes us whole. We get along better, and enjoy spending quiet time together rather than constantly running. We have learned to slow down and cherish what is really important...each other...

Thank you for helping me to afford the classes.

To give my children such a gift is priceless."
Connecticut (USA)

"I am normally a very skeptical, even pessimistic person who has struggled with depression for decades, but I have seen results instantly with TM. The years of sorrow, disappointment, grief, and disillusionment are lifting away on a daily basis. I have a very demanding, stressful job, and already I am better able to withstand its rigors without giving into frustration. My stress level is far lower, and I have more energy. The people around me are commenting on how much “brighter” and “lighter” and just overall happier I seem. I very much appreciate the Gilbert Slomowitz Foundation for helping me be able to afford the TM instruction, thank you so much!"
Florida (USA)

"The video will be a very effective tool for awakening interest especially among skeptics. It will be great to play along with a TM teacher's lecture. (I've instructed over 1,000 people in TM). Touches the heart. Thank you!"
North Carolina (USA)

"Your video is very inspiring and moving. Thank you for helping people to overcome their fears and stereotypes about TM. My husband and I will take this to executives throughout Chicago-land. It is so wonderfully done."
Illinois (USA)

"After receiving a scholarship from GSF, studying and practicing TM for over two years, I was able to recover and remain healthy after a serious injury that had jeopardized my professional life. I saw how TM improved my life which extended to that of my father who died from end-stage Alzheimer's Disease in March 2014. I now know how to control insomnia and stress experientially - they do not scare me or seem like mysterious ailments that I don't understand. I continue to practice TM daily and count myself among the growing number of meditators who have experienced transcendence both while meditating and in my daily life. A huge thank you to the GSF...this foundation is on the cutting edge of creating a world of peace, harmony and preventative health care."
New York (USA)

"I want to express my deepest gratitude to you ... for your foundation and making it possible for me to learn TM. From the very first day I began to do TM I noticed the change. Right away the pains in my tummy that I called a nervous stomach or IBS had gone away. That was where the majority of my stress collected and now that stress was starting to dissolve and go away. It was an ongoing condition that I have had for many many years. Under stress it would flare up and leave me feeling debilitated. It's the best gift I've ever given myself. I look forward to each meditation knowing that I'm one meditation closer to pure bliss and a state of higher conscious awareness."
Washington (USA)

“We had a wonderful training … this past weekend. My son and I both are seeing positive benefits and looking forward to the follow up ... I'm less than a week in and each day just gets better. Can't wait to see what's in store .... Again, thanks for your support.”
Georgia (USA)

I am a teacher of Transcendental Meditation based in Ireland. Your Foundation is a wonderful idea...The story of Gilbert Slomowitz is very inspiring..I wish you every success...Is your film available as a DVD...We would be happy to buy some for our Irish teachers to play at meetings...Let me know..Best wishes

"First and foremost, infinite gratitude for providing funds to allow people to learn this priceless and invaluable technique."
Missouri (USA)

"Thank you very much for the donation from the GSF. It has helped one of our meditators who just couldn't start TM unless there were funds to support him."
Virginia (USA)

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