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Meditation is such a simple, scientifically proven solution to so many of the problems we face in our everyday lives. The big question is: Why isn't everyone doing it?

Too many of us have preconceived notions that stop us from even considering the possibility:
  • - Isn't it a cult or religion?
  • - Don't you have to wear white robes and beads?
  • - It's only for New Age people.
  • - It's hocus-pocus.
  • - It's not something we do in our church.

However, as demonstrated in the film Meditation Makeover: Beads and Incense Not Required, remarkable things happen to ordinary people when they begin meditating. Here's what they commonly say about their experiences:
  • - I have more energy and am more relaxed.
  • - My blood pressure is down and so is my temper.
  • - I am more productive and focused.
  • - My interactions with people are so much more positive and enjoyable.
  • - I don't get as angry about conflicts at work or with the family.
  • - I feel so much more creative and come up with new ideas more easily.
  • - My health is so improved that I rarely have to go to the doctor any more.
The Gilbert Slomowitz Foundation exists to break through the stereotypes and lower the bar of entry so millions of people will learn about and consider the tremendous value of Transcendental Meditation to all aspects of their lives. The organization was founded by Nancy Slomowitz to honor her father, a man who was the living embodiment of the life-enhancing qualities of meditation. A tax law specialist with the IRS and an entrepreneur, Gilbert Slomowitz was hardly a new age fanatic and more Brooks Brothers than tie-dye. He came to Transcendental Meditation for health reasons, and it extended his life far longer than the doctors projected. He gave the gift of meditation to his family and others, and the Foundation is continuing in that same spirit.

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