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TM Scholarship Program

Note: The GSF Scholarship Fund Program is not active and is not accepting applicants at the current time.

The Gilbert Slomowitz Scholarship Fund provides grants to pay a portion of the TM course fee for under-resourced individuals who wish to learn the TM Technique. Scholarship applicants must demonstrate financial need as well as a genuine interest in incorporating the broad benefits of Transcendental Meditation into their daily lives.

This program was established by Nancy Slomowitz in 2010 in honor of her father, Gilbert Slomowitz, a long time practitioner of the Transcendental Meditation Program. Because of the attention given to TM by Oprah and the stars of other media events, we experienced many requests for scholarships. Since its inception, the GSF Scholarship Program has awarded more than $90,000 in TM scholarships to more than 500 recipients.

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